Highlights | Farzana & Greg ❦

What a Ceremony… and can I say what  an amazing crowd of friends and family? From the moment we entered Greg’s house… our crew was treated like royalty. The Grill in the backyard left an impressionable savouring smell… Claudia just breathed it in and the Chef responds “Here… have a Taste”. How could she not resist. And the hospitality was superb. Let me just say though, that when I said “Crowd”… I really meant it. I would say approx 200 people or more were inside and outside of that beautiful house. The living room itself was filled with an aroma of love and support while we filmed the first day of their ceremony. Yes… we were all cramped… but looking around at the friends and family there… they didn’t seem to care much about the comfort. It was obvious to see what they really cared about…. Farzana & Greg. Loved the wedding, love the Couple… you guys are amazing!!!

Lao ⎢ Muslim Wedding 2010


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