Highlights – Amanda & Aadil


What a Fantastic Wedding. I remember driving home from shooting Amanda & Aadil’s Wedding and Claudia and I spoke about all the fantastic moments we had by being a part of their Sacred Day. We have many Highlight moments we would love to share, but seeing Amanda’s Sister & Cousin singing their hearts out in such an emotional and professional manner really moved us. Right before we began post on this particular Highlight, I called Claudia right away and told her “I KNOW WHICH SONG”. Immediately it phased on us that the song played at the Wedding would really harmonize the feelings and emotions that were lived during that fantastic week-end. Our Hats Off to Amanda and Aadil for being so wonderful and Congratulations. – Phoenix Gate Pictures


8 thoughts on “Highlights – Amanda & Aadil

  1. Dear Ed and Claudia,
    On behalf of myself and my *ahem* husband, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us such a beautiful piece of work to remember our special day. It felt like it was over in the blink of an eye but the way you have put these moments together on film is nothing but amazing, I don’t need to close my eyes and try to remember the little details because you were right there capturing them for me. We love you guys! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the final product!!!

  2. This is incredible. Touching, personal, inspiring and unique. Amazing job Ed and Claudia, on once again capturing this day’s special moments and summarizing it all so beautifully. You have impressed us all with your fantastic level of creativity and genuine care that you put into all that you do.

    Excellent job Phoenix Gate Pictures, and here’s to a long and happy life Amanda and Aadil!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful teaser, very excited to see the completed version. Amazing job Ed & Claudia and of course congratulations again to the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

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