Highlights – Frank & Lore

Filming Frank & Lore’s Wedding day was an absolute delight. Every moment we had with them became fascinating. Especially when we had the pleasure of learning about the legendary bowling ball. It’s been on so many adventures. But in all honesty… the sun came out at the perfect time. It really illuminated and gave their wedding day the perfect touch. Thank you Frank & Lore for giving us the opportunity of being a part of your wedding day. Once again… an absolute delight.


3 thoughts on “Highlights – Frank & Lore

  1. Felicitaciones Claudia! haces un trabajo sensacional! tienes un talento impresionante. Todo te quedo excelente! You should call the company “Claudia’s great Pictures” 😉 hehe.

  2. PGP is a team of amazing individuals who are extremely talented and passionate about what they do…but don’t take my word for it – check out the video 🙂

    With emotions running high and all of the craziness that comes along with the big day, they put my mind at ease and were extremely easy (and fun!!) to work with. It was truly a pleasure to have them part of my wedding!

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