Mary & Terry – Same Day Edit

What an awesome day. The Weather was beautiful and the whole bridal party was absolutely spectacular. Testimonials were very genuine and you can feel the love from parents, family and friends towards Mary & Terry. Many tears were shed and I have to admit I can become a suck when it comes down to true emotion. Terry’s father  had me at “Hello” many times as he looked with eyes of love towards his son. We want to thank Mary & Terry for giving us the opportunity of being a part of their special day. Mary was stunning and Terry was a Stud;) You guys are awesome.

Best Regards,

PGP Studios


3 thoughts on “Mary & Terry – Same Day Edit

  1. Awesome Video!!! Ed and his team were a pleasure to work with. PGP are the leaders in the industry and would be highly recommended by Mary and I. Professional, Curteous,Spontaneous, and truly fantastic at capturing every memorable moment!!! Thx guys..

  2. Simply stunning.. Thank you so much we couldn’t have asked for anything better. GREAT JOB!!!

    Trash the dress coming soon……..?

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