Brigitte & Jacek – Same Day Edit

Talk about a Roller Coaster Ride. This Bridal Party was absolutely amazing as they were completely flexible to any suggestions or ideas. This went hand in hand with us as well as they also suggested ideas which we felt it being harmonious to their nature and personalities. We had such a great time being a part of Brigitte & Jacek’s wedding. McDonald’s, The Mariachi’s & the gorgeous Banquet Hall are some of the many great things that happened throughout their day. Oh, and let’s not forget Jacek’s Cat as well;) I told you he’d be in the SDE.

We want to thank Brigitte & Jacek for giving us the opportunity of being a part of your wedding day. You are both absolutely amazing. As Shakespeare says:

“Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts.”

-William Shakespeare

Best Regards,

PGP Studios Inc.


8 thoughts on “Brigitte & Jacek – Same Day Edit

  1. I loved it Brigitte! i was crying when i saw your mom giving you her blessing… its sooo beautiful!! Shut… i’m crying again jajaja! =P

  2. Wish i could of been there! Congrats Brige and jack!!! Best wedding and video i’ve ever seen! Brandon would be playing in the kids playground at mcdonalds lol

  3. Quedo divino el video…. congrats guys you make a beautiful couple…Thanks for making us part of this amazing day.. Mucha suerte!

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