Caroline & Alex – Highlight

We’ve been a witness to much emotion on Caroline & Alex’s Wedding Day. It was beautiful to have the opportunity of interacting with friends and family and being able to bond our cameras into the emotions that were captured that day. The Officiator’s comments reminded us of Dicky Fox from the movie Jerry Maguire. A lot of great quotes from his Sermon that we felt it was important to intertwine his kind words of wisdom into the story of the Highlight. But as the commentator says at the end of the film:

“I love my wife, I love my life and I wish you my kindest success”

Loving your wife is loving life and we were able to see how much Alex truly loves his wife. The same applies for the love that Caroline feels for Alex. That love… between a man and a woman is life… and we wish you… our kindest success.

Best Regards,

PGP Studios Inc.


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