Nick & Inna – Highlight

Filming Nick & Inna has been one amazing firework display. From the engagement shoot all the way to the wedding day, we’ve had the opportunity of being a part of their lives during these most sacred times. They have been understanding with us right from the beginning and were not shy one bit to interact with our cameras and ideas. We have been witnesses to an amazing and diverse wedding experience with Nick & Inna, filled with great entertainment and genuine love for one another. Now, when I say entertainment, it speaks in the sense of flying in an airplane around the CN Tower, almost getting knocked out by a barn door, and an amazing fireworks display. As Albert Einstein once said:

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”

Doesn’t matter how many plane rides or nose dives Nick & Inna will go through in life, it is obvious for us that love will endure and reach amazing heights in their relationship. Congratulations to you both & thank you for giving us the opportunity of being a part of your sacred day.

Best Regards,

PGP Studios Inc.


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