Trish & Alex – Destination Highlight

The whole experience was one big movie. Claudia & I began imagining scenes and different shot compositions before we boarded the plane and our imaginations went crazy once in Punta Cana. Being greeted by Musicians while going through Customs was completely out of the norm, but at the end of the day, the whole experience was out of this world. It may sound a little bit odd perhaps but I wanted to start filming right away… and we did. That same day we found different circumstances and experiences that were perfect and had to be captured. Scouting Punta Cana was a true pleasure as it became easy for us to know the perfect locations for the Trash the Dress and Photo Sessions. I love bumping up the shutter speed with so much Sun and switching back and forth to 60fps gave certain compositions the perfect element for the final product. The Trash the Dress Session was such an amazing experience. The Beach was filled with curious Tourists and many admirers. But in all honesty we want to give our appreciation and thanks to Patricia & Alex for being so supportive and engaging with our ideas & suggestions. Due to their willingness and trust in our abilities & creative direction, we were able to produce a unique and beautiful Destination Highlight. At the end of the day it’s all about communication. We had many opportunities to sit down and discuss their likes and dislikes, their comforts and strengths, their ideas and suggestions. Once we had those thoughts in mind, it was easy to collaborate the perfect locations to make them both stand out and making their experience memorable.

We also want to thank all of Patricia & Alex’s friends and family. They too had a huge hand in their support and collaboration to ease the process of the wedding cinema experience.

Once again, our thanks to Patricia & Alex, to family and friends for they’re amazing support. We’re grateful to have developed such strong bonds and gone through such amazing experiences.

Best Regards,

PGP Studios Inc.


One thought on “Trish & Alex – Destination Highlight

  1. Eddy and Claudia,

    What can I say other than you guys made our Wedding a truly amazing experience. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this short video would move me and shock me at the same time. You guys spent 5 days with our Family and Friends but you have touched us in a way that words can’t explain. Your devotion to perfection is unmatched, your desire was visible from day 1 and we knew we made the right choice with you guys. The Video is beyond Amazing and the way you let our Family and Friends get involved showed your professionalism and your passion for excellence. From the bottom of my heart and from a new friend you’ve made, THANK YOU once again for making our Wedding the greatest moment in my life.

    Thank You both very much for an amazing Job.


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