Deidre & Kyle – Same Day Edit

Simple and beautiful are the words that come to mind when thinking of Deidre & Kyle’s Wedding Day. Everything that had occurred resonated their personalities perfectly. Kyle was surrounded by his family and groomsmen, yet at the same time the animals of the house almost evened out the ratio. Loved interacting with them though. The Dog became my best friend immediately and their Cat became curious as to my presence. And lets not forget the gorgeous antique house where Deidre was getting ready at. A house built in the 1800’s and yet there was this sense of homeliness and beauty that filled the atmosphere. Finally the church, another relic of about the same age as the house where Deidre got ready. Small, cozy, and perfect. Thank you Deidre & Kyle for giving me the opportunity of experiencing such intimate and emotional experiences amongst you, your friends and family.
Now this SDE definitely became a challenge, as I was the only principle Cinematographer & Editor. So for sure it was an intense experience. Yet I can’t help but extend my appreciation though to everybody during that standing ovation in the evening. What an amazing feeling. As well, I want to thank Fred for assisting me with the gear and for those who have given me great support.
The gear used for this SDE consisted of the Canon 7D and primarily the 17-55mm lens along with the 24mm. The equipment support was the Cinevate Slider along with the Manfrotto Swivel.
Song Used With Permission: “Yours & Mine” by Brooke Annibale
Cinematographer & Editor: Ed Limon
Assistant: Fred Limon

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