Andrew & Bibiana – Same Day Edit

There will always be Bibiana’s laugh and Andrew’s Chocolate Beaver Tails cravings, which we’ll keep as a cherished memory. Not too long ago we were actually at Wasaga Beach during Beach Fest and right before my eyes I saw a Beaver Tails Booth. Immediately I searched for Andrew. I just have to hand it to the amazing couple that we’re all very grateful to have been a part of your special day. It’s amazing to see how many friends you both have that love and appreciate you. We will never see Shoppers Drug Mart the same way again. Especially the Sherway Gardens location. Also, we have to hand it off to the Groomsmen for their genius idea of the Hot Chocolate for the ladies. It’s all about the details that help produce great memories and stories. Once again we want to thank both Andrew & Bibiana for allowing us to be a part of their sacred day. It has been an incredible experience filming both your engagement shoot and wedding day. Definitely great memories that will be long cherished.

Our Kindest Regards,

PGP Studios


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