Ivana & Marko – Same Day Edit

Can we say PARTY!!!! It’s really incredible as our crew felt they got transported into Europe and became one with the Croatian Culture. I can still visualize the amazing scenery while we were filming at Ivana’s home. Chanting and honking horns were heard from the distance and then the flags came out, popping out amidst the trees alongside the road leading to Ivana’s home. Once the crowd reached the home, the singing and dancing did not stop. Perhaps the only real moment of peace and quiet was during their Ceremony, other than that it was all harmonious festivities. We absolutely loved it. The Culture, the traditions, the scenery, the people, it truly felt as if we were filming at a Destination Wedding. It was amazing. On behalf of the PGP Studios Family, we want to thank Ivana & Marko for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It was truly an unbelievable experience  and we’re so happy to showcase this Same Day Edit to the world. You guys are amazing. Congratulations & God Bless.
Our Kindest Regards,

PGP Studios


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