Missy & Trey -Highlight

What a Presidential treat. Downtown Toronto definitely looked and felt different while being up inside the Presidential Suite during preps. The view was fantastic and the feeling amongst friends and family was amazing. The Sun was also working towards our favor, which made for great coverage. I have to be honest here that creating this Highlight truly became an incredible task. The reason for this is because there was SO MANY incredible stories and sound bytes that it was literally a challenge to find the perfect fits. The Berkley Church with all it’s sophistication also added a particular flavour to the amazing preparations and organization that was behind Missy & Trey’s Wedding. We really have to congratulate the couple for preparing and organizing such an incredible event. Especially since they prepared for their special day from their British Columbia home. To have done everything that they did and for their wedding to have turned out as amazing as it had is truly a gift when being planned from abroad. On behalf of the PGP Studios family, we want to thank Missy & Trey for allowing us to be a part of their special day. We’re happy to see that you’ve enjoyed your Highlight. We will always admire you both for your great support and organizational skills for the creation of such a fantastic wedding event.

Our Kindest Regards,

PGP Studios


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