Ivana & Marko – Engagement Shoot

This engagement shoot was everything except what we planned.  The idea was to take the couple to Centre Island and do some tandem bicycling and other activities.  However once we got there we found everything was closed.  No bikes, no rides, no food. When we reached mainland again, we decided to do a it of shopping. Unfortunately we got kicked out of, or wasn’t able to get permission to film in any of the stores or restaurants.  In the end it was a long day with a hot dog to top it off.  We had a lot of fun even though things didn’t go quite as planned and its definitely a day we won’t forget.  Cheers to Ivana & Marko, you can also see their Same Day Edit


One thought on “Ivana & Marko – Engagement Shoot

  1. Love you guys! awesome engagement story that you can share with your kids one day. You obviously were meant to be together and complement eachother. To many more years of love, laughter and family> Muahhh!!

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