2012 Favourites

We’ve been thinking a lot about the past year we’ve had. We met a ton of amazing couples, participated in some fantastic weddings and learned a great deal. After a fair bit of pondering and debate amongst ourselves, we’ve picked a few of our favourite videos of 2012. Hope you enjoy!

Favourite Highlight

What can we say about Nelson and Marina? They are just such an amazing couple. Their love for each other is so evident, you just can’t help but fall in love with them yourself! We loved Marina’s excitement and enthusiasm throughout the whole day, it was just contagious and you can truly feel the joy and happiness that was present on their special day. We especially loved Nelson’s wedding day gift to Marina. He wrote her 365 reasons why he loves her and placed them in a jar to serve as a constant reminder for her; such a beautiful gesture. We wish them both all the best as they continue their love story!

Favourite Same Day Edit

Ivana and Marko’s wedding was a giant family party, we loved every minute of it! The whole family was just a bundle of fun. We especially enjoyed the Croatian tradition of sending out fake brides! When the groom’s procession and music (Another Croatian tradition) can he beard from the bride’s house, the bride’s family and bridesmaids prepare the fake brides to be presented. When the groom arrives, he will request that his bride be sent out and in return family and friends send out designated fake brides. Ivana’s family sent out bridesmaids as well as a male family member dressed as a bride. It was great fun! Marko gracefully refused everyone but Ivana. Great choice Marko, as she certainly did not disappoint and looked positively stunning in her beautiful dress. All in all, this was one shindig we will certainly not forget in the near future. All the best Ivana and Marko!

It was tuff picking only two favourites, so here are some runner ups.

Robyn & Niv’s day gave us the opportunity to see a variety of jewish traditions we’d never experienced before. It was an interesting and enlightening experience.

Maria & Brandon’s was just plain ol’ fun to edit!

That’s all for now,

Happy new year from PGP Studios!


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