The First Look: Should You Have One?

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A first look is when two people getting married see each other before their ceremony. Its generally staged by the photographers and cinematographers shooting the wedding.

So the question begs, should you have a first look and see each other before your ceremony? Or should you wait? Yes, No.

Yes and no, here are some things to consider.

The first question you should ask is, do you want first look photos? It can take some work, so make sure you really want it! While its something that can be staged, it takes maneuvering and planning to ensure it will work with the structure of your wedding day.

The Time Of Your Reception

An important factor to consider is the time of your ceremony and reception. First looks usually work great for later ceremonies. Photographers and cinematographers need light, so if you’re set to have a late ceremony, a first look would be a great way to fit in a portrait session before it gets dark outside. This can work great for fall and winter weddings where days are shorter. But heck, if you want a first look, there are no limits! Talk to your photographers and cinema crew and they can likely maneuver around the wedding day schedule to make it happen.


There needs to be some coordination with your photographer and cinematographer to make this happen. Time needs to be set aside to make this part of the day run smoothly. If you plan ahead, your vendors can ind a prime location and with enough time they can set the stage for an intimate and authentic moment.


While its tradition for the bride and groom not to see each other before the ceremony, things are-a-changing. Don’t feel bad for going against tradition and doing what will make you happy. Chances are you’re making quite the investment in your video and photo for the day so why not make the best of it? You definitely won’t regret having extra photos and footage of you and your hubby looking completely and utterly in love and happy!

First looks certainly make for cute photos opps and even cuter video footage. Check out one of our wedding highlight videos that incorporated a first look.


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