How To Avoid Having “That Guy” At Your Wedding

We see it more and more lately, guests pull out iPhones, consumer DSLRs, point and shoots and even full size iPads to capture that first moment the bride walks down the aisle and stand at the ready for every big moment throughout the wedding day. Here’s why this may not be the best thing for your wedding cinematography and photography. I know you’re thinking, what’s wrong with having guests take as many photos as they want? That means more photos for the bride and groom in the end right? Not exactly. Over zealous guests and their new tech could be the cause of a ruined wedding video and even ruined wedding photos. We could speak at length about this and how difficult it can be for us and the associate photographers we work with But we think this Huffington Post article does an eloquent job of describing the pros and cons. It even suggests having a completely unplugged wedding by asking guests to keep using their tech to a minimum which we can’t help but think is a fabulous idea for a number of reasons. Check it out! It may just save your wedding video.


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